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1. Co-ordinator Dr. Nandini Velhankar
2. Alumni Mr. Shabarish Menon
Ms. Anuja Palsuledesai
3. Present Students Ms. Ajita Jamdagni
Ms. Namrata Joshi
4. Faculty
Dr. P. A. Deodhar
Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi
Dr. R. S. Khalkar
Prof. K. P. Phalak
Dr. B. T. Mukherjee
Dr. Abhijeet Sahasrabudhe
Prof. Mohini Savedkar
5. Administrative Assistant Ms. Vanita Desai
6. Technical Assistant Ms. Bhakti Gandhi
7. Management Representative Dr. Suneet Upasani
8. External Experts  
Principal Dr. Magare
Dr. Sudha Mokashi
9. Community Representative
(For Social Perception of the institution)
Mr. Nilesh Vasant Joshi

Scope and Functions of IQAC:

IQAC was established in the year 2004 to enhance quality of higher education through various objectives. IQAC sets targets for different departments and reviews the progress after every two months to judge the performance of the departments. IQAC motivates teachers to write research papers and undertake research projects to inculcate research atmosphere in the campus. It organizes various conferences and workshops and invites eminent resource persons from various fields. A note worthy week long workshop on “Research Methodology and Use of Computer Software in research” was organized by IQAC in which 48 delegates from different colleges participated and used this strength for completing for research work.
IQAC organized health check up camp in the month of July 2014 for teaching and non teaching staff of the college, during which blood test for checking haemoglobin and sugar levels was performed. 
Yoga and Pranayam  course  for girls, initiated  by  IQAC  has been offered to second batch of forty five students during December 2014 to January 2015. 
Twelve departments have brought out their departmental publications containing research articles written by the students and the staff members.
To create environmental awareness among the students and residents of MIDC area IQAC assigned the responsibility of conducting Green Audit, Water Conservation Campaign and Pollution Control Campaign to the faculties and students of Life Science Department. This mega survey was conducted in November 2014.
IQAC had arranged orientation  lecture by Mr. Nitin More of Spectrum Academy, Nasik on the  topic “ How to crack civil services and other competitive exams.” on 19th  January 2015.    
IQAC and Exam committee jointly organized a one day workshop on “Exam Reforms” on 28th February 2015, to highlight the pros and cons of present credit and grading system.
Yoga and Pranayam Course for Girls was introduced by IQAC to improve physical and mental health of the girl students. Feedback collected from the students of last two batches of Yoga course showed marked improvement in their health status and concentration.