Dombivli Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

>> General Rules Of Discipline

Following are some of the important rules and regulations of discipline. Guardians and students are requested to co-operate in the observance of these rules.

  1. Students must attend at 100% of teaching periods/ practicals/ tutorials etc. as per the time table in each term.
  2. They must not abstain themselves from classes, practicals, tutorials, examinations etc. without a written permission of the Principal.
  3. Students whose attendance and/or progress in various tests and examinations are not satisfactory and who do not perform the required number of tutorials and/or practicals are likely to lose their terms.
  4. University has introduced tutorials in some subjects at F.Y.B.Com/ F.Y.B.A level. Students admitted in these two classes must satisfactorily complete 75% of the tutorial assignments, failing which their tutorial books will not be certified by the concerned staff member and their terms will not be granted.
  5. Students who are irregular in the first term of the academic year may not be admitted for the second term of the academic year.
  6. Prolonged absence even on the grounds of ill health may also lead to loss of terms. Students are expected to submit medical certificate for their absence immediately after joining the regular practical, tests and examinations. Their absence must be communicated to the college authorities, immediately in writing with the necessary supporting documents like medical certificate. Attention of the students is drawn to the University ordinance No. 119 and an undertaking which they have signed and given to the Principal in this regard at the time of taking admission. Defaulters may not be sent up for University Examinations.
  7. Employed students will not be given any concession in matters of attendance or appearance for College examinations. Suitable disciplinary action will be taken against such students. Employed students must give details of their employment on the admission form itself at the time of taking admission. They are also expected to take admission after consulting the Principal in this regard. Thereafter, they will have to take necessary permission from the Principal before accepting a job.
  8. Code of conduct of students in the classes and also in the premises of the College shall be such as will cause no disturbances to teachers, to fellow students or to other classes. Every student is expected to use clean and decent dress while coming to the College; failing which action will be taken against them. Loitering on the College premises is prohibited.
  9. No Society or association or committee shall be formed in the College and no person be invited to address a meeting on the College campus without specific permission of the Principal. The Principal has right to refuse such permissions. No students will be allowed to display any notice or circular or poster in the College premises without prior written permission of the Principal. Strict action will be taken against students engaged in such activities. No student shall collect any money as contribution towards picnic, trips, get together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without the prior permission of the College authorities.
  10. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire College campus
  11. No student will be allowed to conduct any political activity in the College premises.
  12. Students must take proper care of the College property. Any damage done to the property of the College will have to be compensated either individually or collectively by the students. Strict action will be taken against students damaging College property including electrical fittings, furniture, notice boards, toilets etc.
  13. Action against students involved in malpractices at the College/Board/University examination will be taken as per the rules laid down by the College/University.
  14. If for any reasons, the continuation of the student in the College is found detrimental to the best interest of the College the Principal may ask him/her to leave the College without assigning any reason. This decision will be final and binding on concerned student.
  15. Use of mobile phones is strictly banned inside the College Campus. Fine will be charged for using mobile phone inside the College campus as per rules.

Any matter not covered in general rules and regulations noted above will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal. The right of interpretation of any rules is reserved by the Principal.

Acts of misbehaviour, misconduct or indiscipline violating the rules of discipline mentioned above will be liable for punishment in the following manner:

  1. Warning to the student.
  2. Second warning to the student and a letter to the parents
  3. Imposition of fine.
  4. Non – refund of deposits to the student.
  5. Denial of gymkhana, library, laboratory, N.S.S., Student aid or any other facility for the specified period of the term/year.
  6. Withdrawal of benefits such as freeship, scholarship or any other concession/reimbursement which the student may be getting such as EBC/BC/PTW/FR. The respective department will inform the Principal about dissatisfaction with student's behaviour resulting in withdrawal of the concession.
  7. Cancellation of terms and withholding exam form for the University/College examination.
  8. Refusal to grant admission in the next term of academic year.
  9. Cancellation of admission.
  10. Expulsion from the College for a specified period.
  11. Rustication

Every student who has been alleged to have committed an act of indiscipline shall be heard before imposing the above punishment.

The parents/ guardians are requested to keep contact with College authorities and meet the Principal, whenever required. They should be prompt in replying the letters sent by the College office. As general rule, two letters (one original letter and one reminder) will be sent to the guardians as regards to misbehavior of their wards. In case the concerned guardian fails to respond both the letters, the Principal shall have no alternative but to take proper decision and suitable action unilaterally.

Guardian/Parents are further requested to keep track of the academic progress and attendance of their wards. It becomes embarrassing to all concerned when disciplinary action has to be taken against the student on account of lapses in his/her attendance and performance in the examinations, if the guardians are found to be unaware of it. Guardians are requested to meet the Principal as and when called through the oral or written communication.

Identity Card :

Identity Card is meant for identifying bonafide students and is used for permitting the student to participate in the college activities and programmes. Every student must carry a valid identify card duly signed by the Principal. The identity card must be produced by the student whenever demanded by a member of the teaching or non-teaching staff of the college. Every student must bring his/her identity card to the college every day and must display it in the manner decided by the College. This will avoid misuse of identity card by other students and outsiders. The matter of lost I-Card should be immediately reported to the Principal and application should be made for duplicate identity card with such cost as may be decided from time to time.