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Students' Grievances Redressal Committee

It is noticed that many students studying in colleges have genuine grievances in respect of their study, examinations, and allied matters as mentioned in the form and they find it difficult to get them redressed. As a solution for this problem the college has formed “THE STUDENTS’ GRIEVANCES REDRESSAL COMMITTEE” in line with the same committee formed by University of Mumbai as per the University Act 1994.

The Committee consists of:
Chairperson: Prof. K. P. Phalak
Committee Members:

    Prof. A. S. Munje
    Prof. D. T. Pagare
    Dr. K. R. Jagdeo


    The committee exercises the following powers and performs the following functions:
    To receive the applications from the students at individual level and process them
    To scrutinize the received  applications and hear the students in person if needed
    To hear both the parties and settle grievances as early as possible
    To provide oral advise to the students whenever the oral advice is sufficient to resolve the grievances
    To provide advice to the students through correspondence
    To settle the disputes in satisfactory manner and report them to the Principal
    To submit the general report of grievances to the Principal for suitable actions


    The grievances other than study, examination and allied matters will not be entertained
    The grievances against the policies framed by the college will not be entertained