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Research Center Name of researcher Guide name Title of thesis Year of completion
Marathi Dr. Manisha Phadke Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Dnyaneshwarichi balasthane” 2015-16
Marathi Dr. Prabhakar Rane Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Varkari Kirtan kala va sahinta” 2015-16
Marathi Dr.Madhuri Ramdharne Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Bhau Padhye yancha kadambaryancha vivechanatmak abhyas” 2016-17
Marathi Dr. Aparna Bedekar Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Sant kavi samarth Ramdasanchya vividh sfut sahityancha vivechanatmak abhyas” 2017-18
Botany Katdare Ajit Dr. R. G. Bagool Studies on Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) fungi Nov 2000
Chemistry Ms. Shraddha Joshi Dr. A. S. Dhomane Preparation of Mg & Zn doped silica supported nickel carbonate, its characterization and its correlation with hydrogenation of soyabean oil in achieving low trans containing edible oil. 2013
Chemistry Sagar Ranade Dr. A. L. Fernandes Synthesis and physicochemical study of Schiff base complexes of some transition metals. 2010
Chemistry Ms. Anagha Maharao Dr. P. C. Patil Studies on the application of hydrotropes as solvent media for some organic reactions. 2008
Chemistry Mahesh Babar Dr. P. C. Patil Studies on aqueous solutions of hydrotropes as solubilisers and medium for conducting certain organic reactions in water. 2010
Chemistry Nilesh Kadam Dr. P. C. Patil Chromatographic techniques for determination of antispasmodic agent and sedative agent from drug substances. 2015