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Research Arena

Number of research guides in different departments

Sr.No Department No of Research guides
1 Chemistry 3
2 Botany 3
3 Physics 1
4 History 1
5 Accountancy 1

Details about the faculties authorized to work as Research Guides and the number of researchers who have been awarded M. Phil. and Ph.D. Degrees under their supervision.

Sr.No Name of research guide Department No. of M.Sc. Students No. of M. Phil.Students No. of Ph.D. Awarded Students No. of Students pursuing Ph.D.
01 A. P. Dixit Botany -- -- 04 01
02 N.W. Shinde Botany 01 -- 03 02
03 N.S.Suryawanshi Botany -- 02 04 03
04 A.S. Dhomane Chemistry 02 -- -- 04
05 P.C. Patil Chemistry 01 -- -- 05
06 A. K. Ranade History -- 01 -- 06

Details of ongoing projects sanctioned by UGC

Sr.No Nature of the project Name of the principal Investigator Duration Year Title of the Project Total Grant received and Used
01 Minor Dr. M. P. Phanse 2014-15 Exploratory studies on Nyctanthus arbour tristis calyx extract containing carotenoid as a potential therapeutic agent for common metabolic disorders like diabetes and hypolepidemia 4,15,000/-
02 Minor Y. M. Morgha 2014-15 An assessment of tribal development policy of the Govt. of Maharashtra 2001-2010, with special reference to Thane District. 1,20,000/-
03 Minor A. P. Lokhande 2014-15 Deistic influence on the socio religious reformers in Western India in the nineteenth century 115000/-
04 Minor Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi 2014-15 Integrated Management of pre and post harvest diseases of Strawberry in Maharashtra 175,000/-
05 Minor Mr. Balu Trymbak Shirsath 2014-15 A study of buying behaviour and perception of consumers about pure play E- retailers with special reference to Dombivli city, Maharashtra. 75,000/-
06 Minor Mrs. Arundhati Munje 2014-15 Indian Roots of Counselling Principles: An Exploratory Study of Marathi Saint Literature from Counselling Perspective (With special reference to Samarth Ramdas&SantTukaram). 80,000/-

Two faculty members have undertaken minor research projects sanctioned by the University of Mumbai in the academic year 2014-15.

Sr.No Nature of the project Name of the principal Investigator Duration Year Title of the Project Total Grant received
1 Minor Mr.S.B.Sangale 2014 Synthesis of Zinc coated carbon Nanomaterial 41,000
2 Minor Mr. D.T. Pagare 2014 Impact of new industrial policy on small scale industries. 25,000