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The founder members of the Mandal were inspired by the Vedic dictum "Tamaso-maa-jyotirgamaya” that is
“O! Lord lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge”

This is the motto of K. V. Pendharkar College, which has been inscribed clearly on its emblem. The logo also contains a peacock with its feathers spread and a lighted lamp inside a wheel. The webbed wheel symbolizes industry, which is the backbone of the economic development of our county. The peacock is the national bird of India. It is the vehicle of the Goddess Saraswati, the deity of learning and creativity in Indian Classical mythology.
The hundred eyes in the tail of the peacock represent the idea of eternal vigilance, one of the objectives of education, and the attribute of an intelligent, educated human being. The Lighted lamp stands for the spread of knowledge in all directions. Thus, both the peacock and the lamp express clearly the mission and the motto of K. V. Pendharkar College, that is, imparting of knowledge to all irrespective of caste and creed. The Mandal has worked ceaselessly on this mission and has created an enviable record in the domain of education in the town of Dombivli.