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Research Projects

Title of the Project Investigator Type Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned for Amount of Rs.
Synthesis of nanostructured ZnO thin films by sol-gel spin coating method K.P.Phalak Minor University of Mumbai 25,000/-
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes from Eucalyptus oil K.R.Jagdeo Minor University of Mumbai 25,000/-

Analysis of GM seeds with reference to Rapid DNA isolation and Nutritional Contents

Dr.Abhijit Sahasrabudhe Minor University of Mumbai 30,000/-
Development of carbon material for hydrogen adsorption and desorption. Dr.B.T. Mukherjee Major Ministry of New and renewable, New Delhi 30,31,480/-
Integrated management of pre and post-harvest diseases of strawberry in Maharashtra. Dr. N.S. Suryawanshi Major UGC 1,75,000 /-

Deistic Influence on the socio-religious reformers in western India In the nineteenth century


Ajaykumar Pralhad Lokhande Minor UGC 1,15,000/-