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Commerce Association



Commerce Association is an association of commerce students, formed by department of commerce in the year 2005. Association arranges various activities concerned with the development of students. All activities of association are managed by the student members only. Departmental staff act as a guiding force for the smooth functioning of the association. 
 To bring out hidden talents of students and show right path & motivate the students to come up with new ideas.
 To develop leadership qualities, literary & oratory skills of the students.
 To update students with the latest happenings in the world of commerce.
 To prepare them to face the challenges of competitive world.


 Special lectures of eminent speakers on various current issues.
 Organising energy boosting competitions like
 Advertising Mania,
 Anuncio- the vignyapan mantra
 Accounts Quiz
 Business Qui
 Debate & Group Discussion
 “Nivesh” an exhibition on investment awareness programme
 Workshop on personality development
 Students’ seminar on current issues and development of corporate world.
 Screening of documentary movies based on business and various related topics.
 Career guidance seminar by reputed institutions.
Rules of functioning:
 Chairperson and the members of the committee are expected to appeal the students to join the Association through membership drive.
 Membership drive to be conducted at the beginning of academic year, particularly after commencement of FY.B.Com classes.
 Only commerce students can join the association.
 Membership is voluntary and free of cost.
 Chairperson of the association is expected to conduct meeting with student members to plan the activities of the association for the year.
 Chairperson and the committee members are expected to form core committee to plan and execute various students’ centric programmes of the association.
 Chairperson and the committee members are expected to select the secretary & joint secretaries from the student members to head the core committee.
Committee for the year 2018-19:
Chairperson:  Vice Prin. B.T.Shirsath
Committee Member:

1) Ms. Nidhi Mahadik

2) Ms. Usha Gupta

3) Ms. Pramila Yadav


Activities planned for the year 2017-18:

 Inaugural Programme of Commerce Association: A talk on ‘Digital Payment.’
 Registration for “Commerce Readers’ Club” on the occasion of International Commerce Day
 Celebration of “Teacher’s Day” as a day for students aspiring to become Teachers
 “NIVESH” –an investment awareness exhibition by students
 Industrial/SEBI visit.
 Competitions……
 Business Quiz
 “Vigyapan mantra”
 Seminar on “Start-ups: Success & failure stories in India”

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