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Youth Festival


Youth Festival


Objectives of the committee:
• To motivate students participate in intercollegiate festival conducted by University of Mumbai.
• To help the students explore their hidden talents.

Scope of the committee
• The committee informs the students about various events of youth festival through Notices      & members of the committee personally encourage the students to participate.
• The committee helps students prepare themselves for the zonal selection and final selection rounds conducted by University at various colleges strictly adhering to the rules as stated by University of Mumbai
• The committee fills up online forms, prepare drafts, collect the synopsis and other documents for registration and accompany the students in the said event.
• The committee arranges various meetings where committee members and students discuss the details about various competitions,  &  their preparations.
• The Committee also encourages students to present themselves before the other faculty members prior to the actual event to help them conquer their fear of actual performance
• The Committee escort students at zonal selection rounds conducted at colleges as notified by University

Rules of functioning:
• The Committee should ensure that practice sessions are conducted in the college premises only.
• The Committee should ensure that students are strictly following the rules laid down by the University for Participation.
• The student coordinators should continuously coordinate with the students and committee members and convey instructions to other students as given by any of the college authorities.
• Committee should report the absentee of participants to attendance Committee.


Committee for the year 2017-18:
Chairperson: Ms. Sangita Hirlekar


1) Vice Prin. Ms. Sneha Vaidya

2) Dr. Abhijeet Sahasrabuddhe

3) Mr. Kaushik Inamdar

4) Ms. Sandiptha Rathindran

5) Ms. Priyanka Goswami

Report of the committee for the year 2016-17:
Year 2016-17 was 49th Youth festival celebration year of University of Mumbai. In this year 10 students participated in 10 individual events at zonal round which was conducted at Saket College Kalyan on 4th August 2016.
Mr. Dhaval Bhagwat bagged 2nd prize in the event Indian Light Vocal.