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Student Aid Fund

SAF (Students’ Aid Fund) is the scheme initiated for the needy students in the college. Through this fund, college attempts to help the students from financially weaker families to pursue their education smoothly. The facilities of Students’ Aid Fund are available for the financially weaker students from all categories. (Open/ Reserved)
Composition of the Committee for the year 2017-18 is as follows:
Dr. S. S. Mahajan (Chairperson) – Vice Principal
Ms. AmalaPatwardhan (Member) - Librarian
Ms. TejashreeGawde (Member) – Asst. Professor

1. To identify girls and boys students from financially weaker section of the society.
2. To provide financial assistance in the form of exam fee/ tuition fees/expenses towards study tour for needy and hardworking students.
3. To help the students get medical help or contribute expenses to participate in sports activities at national or international level.
4. To avail book bank facility to the students of poor economic background.
5. To guide the students to obtain additional economic help from NGOs and other sources.

The activities of Students’ Aid Fund are:
Book Bank Facility: SAF providesa set of textbooks or reference books to the needy students for the period of academic year. Required books are issued to the students for their study. The students can keep the books with them till their examinations get over. The procedures for book bank commence in the month of July.
Financial Aid: SAFalso approves some portion of exam and tuition fees to reduce economic burden on education. Students are selected after screening their applications and interviews are conducted if required. Financial help is released after they prove their eligibility as per norms.

• Students must submit the applications to the library in prescribed format (forms are available in the library) within the period mentioned in the notices.
• Students need to submit the income proof of their parents (salary slip/ income certificate issued by the govt. authorities)
• Fee receipt and last year’s mark-sheet must be attached along with the application forms.

Report of the year 2016-17:
Needy and deserving students are given assistance through ‘Students’ Aid Fund’ in the form of Book Bank facility and financial help.
This year, 1014 books were purchased worth of Rs.1,07,422/-. 162 students were issued the textbooks under Book Bank Scheme. 1381 books were issued to them for both the semesters.
33 students were sanctioned financial help towards their examination and tuition fees. Total amount that was sanctioned by the committee was Rs.1,59,000/-
We take this opportunity to thank our respected Chairman, Principal, Vice-principals, and all the staff members for their kind co-operation in the activities of the committee.