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Discipline Committee

The smooth functioning of the college depends upon observance of discipline by the students individually and collectively. College can help the students better when rules of discipline are followed by them properly. College has constituted Discipline committee to ensure discipline in the college campus.

Scope of the committee
1) The members of the committee take frequent rounds to maintain discipline in college campus including library, canteen, corridors and playground.
2) The committee members ensure the implementation of college policy of banning the use of mobile phones in the campus.
3) Committee members check the Identity card of the students to prohibit unlawful entry in the campus.
Committee for the academic year 2018-19
Chairperson:Prof. S. J. Abhyankar


  1. Dr. A.P. Lokhande
  2. Mr. P.B. Kusmude
  3. Mr. Rijo Rajan
  4. Mr. Kaustubh Khorwal
  5. Mr. Devang Nandola
  6. Ms. Sheetal Dhoble
  7. Mr. Pandit Kochewad