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Research Center Name of researcher Guide name Title of thesis Year of completion
Marathi Dr. Manisha Phadke Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Dnyaneshwarichi balasthane” 2015-16
Marathi Dr. Prabhakar Rane Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Varkari Kirtan kala va sahinta” 2015-16
Marathi Dr.Madhuri Ramdharne Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Bhau Padhye yancha kadambaryancha vivechanatmak abhyas” 2016-17
Marathi Dr. Aparna Bedekar Dr. Mangala Sinnarkar “Sant kavi samarth Ramdasanchya vividh sfut sahityancha vivechanatmak abhyas” 2017-18
Botany Katdare Ajit Dr. R. G. Bagool Studies on Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) fungi Nov 2000
Botany Kolet Moses Joseph  Dr. R. G. Bagool Studies on cellulose degrading fungi July 2003
Botany Doshi Devangi  Dr. S. N. Shimpi Pharmacognostic, phytochemical and pharmacological studies on Kapur kachari Nov 2005
Botany Jagdale Sandesh  Dr. S. N. Shimpi Pharmacognostical,  phytochemical and pharmacological studies on ‘salep or salam misri’ Dec2005
Botany Yadav Lalsahab  Dr. R. G. Bagool Studies on cellulolytic fungi and their utilization for composting Feb 2007
Botany Gosavi Mahavir   Dr. R. G. Bagool Waste disposal – efficacy of delivery culture for home scale composting Sept 2008
Botany Dhumne Indira L.  Dr. R. G. Bagool Screening and Micropropagation of Sida cardifolia and standardization of cultivation protocol for ephedrine content Sept 2008
Botany Varier Biju H.  Dr. R. G. Bagool Lichens in the Montane forests of Kerala state April 2009
Botany Gopalkrishnan Bindu  Dr. S. N. Shimpi Pharmacognosy and pharmacological studies on some members of family Sapotaceae May 2009
Botany Cl. Ringmichon Yarnao Y. Dr. A. P. Dixit Pharmacognostic and pharmacological studies on some ethno-medicinal antipyretic plants from Manipur Sept 2010
Botany Baviskar Ramesh N.  Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi Studies on fungicide resistance in  Penicillium expansum causing blue mould of apple and its integrated management March 2011
Botany Agashe Seema M.   Dr. A. P. Dixit Evaluation of ‘Punarnava’ and its adulterant as Hepatoprotective crude drugs April 2012
Botany Deodhar Kamalinee A.  Dr. N. W. Shinde Ecological, Pharmacognostic investigations and Micropropagation study of Celastrus paniculatus Linn. August 2012
Botany Dahiwale Mahindra A.  Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi Studies on fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea causing grey mould of Grape and its integrated management Sept 2012
Botany Gondhalekar Manasi N.  Dr. N. W. Shinde Comparative study of phytochemical analysis and Hepatoprotective efficacy of some jaundice curing plants April 2013
Botany Wagh Rujuta P.   Dr. A. P. Dixit Critical investigation of Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry and antimicrobial potential of some wild species of Lamiaceae June 2013
Botany Bobade Varsha M.  Dr. R. G. Bagool Studies of Arbuscular mycorrhiza August 2013
Botany Rodage Tushar S. Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi Investigation on the integrated management of fungicide resistance in pathogen causing fruit rot of Banana in Maharashtra Oct 2013
Botany Patil Jaidip S.  Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi Biotechnological approaches towards the integrated management of post-harvest diseases of Strawberry in Maharashtra Dec 2014
Botany Chonde Snehal S.  Dr. N. W. Shinde Leaf cuticular studies of dominant tree and shrub taxa from western ghats Dec 2014
Botany Bhangare Ramdas   Dr. A. P. Dixit Studies on status and socio economic relevance of NTFP components of Thane District sold by forest dwellers in urban markets of the district and their conservation strategies 2014
Botany Sathe Vandana   Dr. A. P. Dixit Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies on Embelia ribes Burm F. (Vidanga) and its substitutes/ adulterants along with standardization of nursery technology for its conservation Dec 2016
Botany Jagtap Jayshri   Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi Applications of thiophanate methyl in controlling of Fusarium causing basal rot and pink root rot of Onion (Allium sepa L.) in Nashik district May 2017
Chemistry Ms. Shraddha Joshi Dr. A. S. Dhomane Preparation of Mg & Zn doped silica supported nickel carbonate, its characterization and its correlation with hydrogenation of soyabean oil in achieving low trans containing edible oil. 2013
Chemistry Sagar Ranade Dr. A. L. Fernandes Synthesis and physicochemical study of Schiff base complexes of some transition metals. 2010
Chemistry Ms. Anagha Maharao Dr. P. C. Patil Studies on the application of hydrotropes as solvent media for some organic reactions. 2008
Chemistry Mahesh Babar Dr. P. C. Patil Studies on aqueous solutions of hydrotropes as solubilisers and medium for conducting certain organic reactions in water. 2010
Chemistry Nilesh Kadam Dr. P. C. Patil Chromatographic techniques for determination of antispasmodic agent and sedative agent from drug substances. 2015