Information of Departmental staff:
Sr. No Name Qualification
1 HOD – Mr. P. B. Kusmude M.A., B.Ed.
2 Mr. Yuvraj Morgha M.A., B.Ed., NET, SET, LLB
3 Dr. Ajaykumar Lokhande M.A., NET. Ph. D.
4 Mr. Akash Gangavane M.A., NET – JRF, SET

Subjects taught:
Class Semester Name of the Subject
FYBA/FYBCOM/FYBSC I and II Foundation course 1
SYBA/SYBCOM/SYBSC III and IV Foundation course 2
FYBA I and II History of Modern India (1857 CE-1947 CE)
History of Modern India: society and economy
SYBA III and IV Landmarks in world history(1480 CE-1945 CE)
Ancient India (from earliest times to 1000 CE)
TYBA V History of medieval India (1000 CE– 1526 CE)
History of Modern Maharashtra (1818 CE – 1960 CE)
Introduction to Archaeology
History of the Marathas – (1630 CE– 1707 CE)
History of Contemporary World (1945 CE – 2000 CE)
Introduction to Heritage tourism
VI History of medieval India (1526 CE – 1707 CE)
History of Contemporary India (1947 CE – 2000 CE)
Introduction to Museology and Archival Science
History of the Marathas –(1707 CE – 1818 CE)
History of Asia (1945 CE – 2000 CE)
Heritage Tourism in Maharashtra

Departmental Magazine: