Attendance Committee

A prerequisite to success in any endeavour is "showing up", and classes are no exception to this. If students are not showing up to class, they are missing every opportunity of self-development provided to them in the classroom. It is absolutely vital for students to attend the class regularly. Missing a class should be a rare occurrence. If students miss the class frequently, it would affect his/her learning and consequently performance and the grade. College has constituted an attendance committee to take a regular review of students’ attendance in the class. Functioning of the Committee:

The Committee distributes Attendance sheets to the concerned faculty before commencement of lectures and practicals.

All faculty members periodically submit attendance review in each semester to attendance committee.

Chairperson of the Committee arranges a meeting of Committee members to decide the course of action against defaulter students before displaying their list on notice board. Parents of students having much less attendance are informed through phone calls or SMS.

Committee for the year 2019-20:

Chairperson: Ms. S. V. Patil


  1. 1)Mr. Yuvraj Morgha
  2. 2)Ms. Nilima Gajare
  3. 3)Ms. Sandiptha Rathindran
  4. 4)Ms. Nidhi Mahadik
  5. 5)Ms. Seema Ramchandani
  6. 6)Ms. Pramila Yadav