Students’ council is .the representative body of college students. It is an umbrella organization having maximum students' representation. Throughout the year it organizes various programs related to all most every aspect of students' life. The basic objective of the Council is to bring out overall development of the students by engaging them in various extracurricular activities. The council strikes a judicious balance between students' developmental needs and their recreational needs through its activities.

DSPM’s K. V. Pendharkar College, Dombivli (E) has formed the Students’ Council for the year 2019-20 under section 40(2) (b) of the Maharashtra University Act 1994 and Maharashtra University (Amendment Continuance) Act 2000.

We are glad to announce the names of the student members of Students’ representatives from NSS, NCC, Sports and Cultural activities. We expect that, the student member’s will show keen interest in the activities and will extend co-operation for the same.

"Student's Council 2019-20"

Sr.No. Class Name of the Students
1. T.Y.B.Com. (NSS) Mr. Siddhesh Katkar – General Secretary
2. F.Y.B.A. Mr. Abhijit Palve
3. F.Y.B.Com. Ms. Pranali Godvinde
4. F.Y.B.Sc. Mr. Pranay More
5. F.Y.B&I Ms. Neha Ghadi
6. F.Y.B.M.S. Ms. Aditya Mane
7. F.Y.C.S. Ms. Avantika Sahu
8. F.Y.I.T Mr. Sahil Kulkarni
9. F.Y.BIO-TECH Ms. Aayushi Salvi
10. F.Y.A&F Ms. Gitika Lakhera
11. S.Y.B.A. Mr. Siddhesh Velankar
12. S.Y.B.Com. Mr. Naveen Kulkarni
13. S.Y.B.Sc. Mr. Sanat Chitnis
14. S.Y.B&I Ms. Pooja Ghadi
15. S.Y.B.M.S. Ms. Sakshi Sawant
16. S.Y.C.S. Mr. Vatsalya Solanki
17. S.Y.I.T. Ms. Priyanka Patil
18. S.Y.BIO-TECH Ms. Madhu Singh
19. S.Y.A&F Ms. Anjali Jha
20. T.Y.B.A. Ms. Denis Sukhatankar
21. T.Y.B.Com. Mr. Shubham Ambarkar
22. T.Y.B.Sc. Ms. Shreyanshi Chaudhari
23. T.Y.B&I Mr. Rahul Nikam
24. T.Y.B.M.S. Mr. Jatin Jadhav
25. T.Y.C.S. Mr. Pawan Battu
26. T.Y.I.T. Ms. Surabhi Chaurasiya
27. T.Y.BIO-TECH Ms. Tamanna Shaikh
28. T.Y.A&F Mr. Oraj Samant
29. M.A. Part I (History) Ms. Pallavi Thale
30. M.A. Part II (History) Ms. Prachi Joshi
31. M.Com. in Adv. Accountancy & Banking & Finance Part I Ms. Sanjana Mukadam
32. Business Mgmt. Part I Mr. Rahul Salunke
33. Business Mgmt. Part II Ms. Amandeep Kaur
34. Adv. Accountancy Part II Mr. Aditya Kulkarni
35. Banking & Finance Part II Ms. Priya Kadam
36. M.Sc. in Chemistry Part I Ms. Mayuri Bapat
37. M.Sc. in Chemistry Part II Mr. Haresh Bhoir
38. T.Y.B.A. NCC (Boys) Mr. Dinkar Bhagade
39. T.Y.B.Sc.-BIO-TECH (NCC -Girls) Ms. Apurva Khisti
40. T.Y.B.Com. (Gymkhana/ Sports) Mr.Yash Pawar
41. T.Y.B.A. (Cultural Activities) Ms. Siddhi Jaisekar
42. T.Y.B.A. (Principal’s Nominee) Ms. Prajakta Kadam
43. T.Y.B.Sc. (Principal’s Nominee) Ms. Shivani Shingade