The college has two N.C.C Units affiliated to 1 Mah, N.C.C. Battalion Mumbai.70 girls and 50 boys can be admitted in these units. Regular parades are arranged on Sundays and also on working days, if necessary. Annual camp is arranged during Diwali vacation. The Students are allowed to participate in different National level camps. Those cadets who complete the training satisfactorily are eligible to get 10 marks at college /university examination.


  • 1)To teach positive thinking and attitude to the cadets.
  • 2) To mould the cadet into a united, secular and disciplined citizens of the nation.
  • 3) Provides training to cadets which makes them confident, courageous, committed and competent leaders in all walks of life.
  • 4)To provide a suitable environment to motivate the cadet to take up a career in armed forces.
  • 5)Education and Recreations


The committee is the intermediate between Bn. and College.

  • Enrollment of cdts
  • Conducting regular lectures and parade.
  • Collecting subscription from first, second and third year cdts at the time of enrollment and submitting it to Battalion.
  • Helping the cadets and motivate them to participate in social service activities, various camps conducted at various levels.
  • Motivating the cadets to undertake various adventurous activities.
  • Conducting competitions for selecting BEST CADET of the college.
  • Counselling of the cdts
  • Ranking the cdts according to their ability.
  • Conducting various social service activities such as-
  • 1) International Yoga Day
  • 2) Tree Plantation Activity
  • 3) Independence Day
  • 4)Give way to Ambulance
  • 5)Swachatta Abhiyan Cleanliness
  • 6)Drawing competition
  • 7)Aids day Rally
  • 8)Blood Donation Camp
  • 9)Road Safety Programme

NCC is a voluntary organization which is administered through the Ministry of Defense. The Defense secretary is overall in charge. NCC headquarter is situated at Delhi. Our College NCC unit is affiliated to 1 MAH /GLS/BN. whose Group head quarter is located at Mumbai. There are 41 rules called the National Cadets Corps Rules, 1948 regarding enrollment of cadets, safety of cadets, promotion, Dismiss, Discipline etc. All the rules are strictly followed.