The vision of the scheme is to inculcate values of compassion and humanity and a feeling for the fellow person.

The combined participation in community service leads to a sense of involvement in the task of nation building. The motto 'NOT ME, BUT YOU' underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

The NSS attempts to develop in the young students a sense of social and civic responsibility and trains them to utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.

The College-NSS unit has been trying through its various activities to do community service and make changes in the society and also help the volunteers to build up their personality in the process.

Activities of the Unit:


Special Camping Activity and Regular Activities: Special Camping forms an integral part of National Service Scheme. It has special appeal to the youth as it provides unique opportunities to the students for group living, collective experience sharing and constant interaction with community.

Activities conducted during Regular as well as Special Camps are as follows:

1)Environment Enrichment and Conservation programme:

2) Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition Programme:

3) Programmes aimed at creating an awareness for improvement of the status of women

4)Social Service Programmes

5)Education and Recreations:

NSS Committee for the Academic year 2019-20:

Ms. Neha Salagare

Dr. A.P. Lokhande