Staff Academy

Objective of the committee:

The prime objective of the Committee is to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and information. The scholarly lecturers are arranged to keep the teaching faculty abreast of recent trends and developments in various domains thereby adding to their knowledge.

Scope of the committee:

The Scope of the Committee is wide and open –ended. The Committee routinely invites subject experts, scientists and academicians to deliver scholarly lectures on the topics of their specialization. All the teaching and non - teaching staff members are invited for the programmes.

Staff academy had arranged a staff “Talent Hunt” on 1st October 2019. The aim was to unveil the hidden talents of the staff members. Total 80 staff members participated in the various competitions arranged for them.

  • 15 participated in Poetry reading competition
  • 35 participated in Handwriting competition
  • 18 participated in Passage reading competition
  • 12 participated in Painting and Embroidery competition

Committee for the year 2019-20:

Chairperson: Dr.M.P.Phanse


  1. Mr. R.D. Kavathekar
  2. Mr. U.D. Sonavane
  3. Ms. Sneha Pande