Standing Committee For Reservation

As per the guidelines issued by the University of Mumbai the College has formed a “Standing Committee for Reservation” to look into the matters relating to reservation as well as other educational programmes of students and staff of reserved category at the College level. The Committee ensures effective implementation of government’s policies and programmes for students and staff of reserved category.


  1. To continuously monitor and evaluate the implementation of reservation policy in the College and plan the measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policy and programme of the Government of India.


  1. The Committee circulates Government of India’s decision and collects regularly on an annual basis, information regarding course-wise admissions of candidates belonging to the reserved category in the College for different courses in prescribed formats by a stipulated date and to take follow up action, if required.
  2. The Committee circulates Government of India’s orders and University Grants Commission’s decisions and collects information in respect of appointment, training of reserved category candidates in teaching and non-teaching posts in the College in suitable forms by a stipulated date and take follow up action, if required.
  3. The Committee collects reports and information regarding Government of India’s orders on various aspects of education, training and employment of reserved category candidates for evolving new policies or modifying existing policy of the College, if required.
  4. The Committee analyses the collected information and prepares reports and digests for further submission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development/University Grants Commission and such other authorities as may be required.
  5. The Committee deals with representations received from reserved category candidates regarding their admission, recruitment, promotion and other similar matters in the College.
  6. The Committee monitors the working of the remedial coaching scheme, if approved in the College.
  7. The Committee functions as a Grievances Redressal Cell for the grievances of reserved category students and employees of the College and render necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.
  8. The Committee executes any other work assigned to it to promote higher education among reserved category students suffering economic, social and education deprivations.
  9. The Committee exclusively looks after the work related to reserved category matters.

Committee for year 2019-20:

Chairperson: I/C Principal Dr. S. S. Mahajan


1)Dr. N. S. Suryawanshi (Associate Professor- Dept. of Botany)

2) Mr. G. B. Sangle (Assistant Professor- Dept. of Physics)

3) Ms. Hemlata Waghchaure (Assistant Professor- Dept. of English)

4) Mr.Vijay Gangurde (Non Teaching Staff)