Department Name:B.Com. Banking & Insurance

Year of Establishment of Department:2003

Information of Departmental staff:
Sr. No Name Qualification Teaching experience in years
1. Mrs. Sneha Vaidya M.A.(Economics), M.M.S. (Finance) 10 years
2. CA Shalaka Shewade B. Com., CA, MBA (HR) 16 years
3. Mrs. Manasi Bapat M.Com. (Cost Accounting) 14 years
4. Mrs. Priyanka Ambre MBA (Finance), SET 07 years
5. Mr. Kaustubh Khorwal M. Com.(Acc.) & M. Com.(Mgmt.) 11 years
6. Prof Anuja Brahma M.A., B.Ed., PET qualified 12 years
7. Prof Sangita Patil M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil 14 years

   Subjects taught:
Class Semester Name of the Subject
F.Y.B.Com (Banking & Insurance) I Environment and Management of Financial Services.
Principles of Management
Financial Accounting - I
Business Communication-I
Business Economics-I
Quantitative Methods-I
Foundation Course - I
II Principles and Practices of Banking & Insurance
Business Law
Financial Accounting - II
Business Communication-II
Organisational Behaviour
Quantitative Methods-II
Foundation Course - II
S.Y.B.Com (Banking & Insurance) III Information Technology in Banking & Insurance-I
Foundation course - III An overview of banking sector
Financial Markets (Equity, Debt, Forex and Derivatives)
Direct Taxation
Financial Management -I
Management Accounting (Tools & Techniques, Focus on Banking & Insurance)
Organizational Behaviour
IV Information Technology in Banking & Insurance-II
Corporate Laws & laws Governing Capital Market
Foundation course in Insurance - IV
Business Economics-II
Financial Management –II
Cost Accounting of Banking & Insurance
Entrepreneurship Management OR CRM
Research Methodology
Research Methodology
Financial Reporting & Analysis(Corporate Banking & Insurance)
Auditing I
Financial Services Management
Strategic Management
Central Banking
Auditing II
Human Resource Management
Turnaround Management
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Project Work
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