Department of Commerce

Year of Establishment of Department:1979

Information of Departmental staff:
Sr. No Name Qualification Teaching experience (in years)
1 Mr.B.T.Shirsath M.Com., SET 10
2 Mrs. NidhiMahadik B.A.LLB 6
3 Ms. Usha Gupta M.Com., SET 5

Subjects taught:
Class Semester Name of the Subject I Commerce-I ( Introduction to Business) II Commerce-II (Service Sector) III Commerce-III(Management: Functions & Challenges) III Business Law-I III Advertising-I IV Commerce-IV(Management: Production& Finance) IV Advertising-II IV Business Law-II V Commerce-V (Marketing) V Commerce-VI (Human Resource Management)

Departmental Magazine: “Commerce Explorer” Publishing since 2013-14