Department Name: Information-Technology

Year of Establishment of Department:2009

Information of Departmental staff:
Sr. No Name Qualification Teaching experience in years
1. Nilima Chaudhari-Gajare M.C.A. ADCSSAA, B.Ed. 20
2. Rupali Patil M.Sc (C.S.), B.Ed. 12
3. Pritam Pawar B.E. 7
4. Megha Patil M.C.A. 7
5. Anuja Brahma PET Quali. M.A.(lit.),B.Ed., Dip. Engg 12
6. Harshada Gujar M.Sc.I.T. M.Sc.(Maths) 8
7. Ms. Anuja Sandip Chavan M.Sc. I.T. 6
8. Ms. Jayashree Ravindra Pawar M.Sc. I.T. 3

Subjects taught:
Class Semester Name of the Subject
F.Y.B.Sc.IT Sem 1 Imperative Programming
Digital Electronics
Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Communication Skills
Imperative Programming Practical
Digital Electronics Practical
F.Y.B.Sc.IT Sem 2 Object Oriented Programming
Microprocessor Architecture
Programming with Python– II
Web Programming
Data Structures
Numerical and Statistical Methods
Green Computing
Object Oriented Programming Practical
Microprocessor Architecture Practical
Web Programming Practical
Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical
Green Computing Practical
S.Y.Bsc.IT Sem 3 Python Programming
Data Structures
Computer Networks
Database Management Systems
Applied Mathematics
Python Programming Practical
Data Structures Practical
Computer Networks Practical
Database Management Systems Practical
Mobile Programming Practical
S.Y.Bsc.IT Sem 4 Core Java
Introduction to Embedded Systems
Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques
Software Engineering
Computer Graphics and animation
Core Java Practical
Introduction to Embedded Systems Practical
Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques Practical
Software Engineering Practical
Computer Graphics and animation Practical
T.Y.Bsc.IT Sem 5 Software Project Management
Internet of Things
Advanced Web Programming
Linux System Administration
Enterprise Java
Project Dissertation
Internet of Things Practical
Advanced Web Programming Practical
Linux System Administration Practical
Enterprise Java Practical
Sem 6 Software Quality Assurance
Security in Computing
Business Intelligence
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
IT Service Management
Project Implementation
Security in Computing Practical
Business Intelligence Practical
Principles of Geographic Information Systems Practical
Advanced Mobile Programming