Department Name: UG_MATHEMATICS

Year of Establishment of Department: 1979

Information of Departmental staff:
Sr. No Name Qualification Teaching experience in years
1. Patil S.B M.Sc., B.Ed 29
2. Sangeeta Patil M.Sc (Computational Maths), B.Ed., M.Phil. (Maths) 17
3. Mayuri Bhosale M.Sc. 0

   Subjects taught:
Class Semester Title of the Subject
F.Y.B.Com Sem-I Mathematical and statistical techniques I
Sem-II Mathematical and statistical techniques II
F.Y.B.Sc Sem-I Paper-I: calculus-I
Paper-II: Algebra –I
Practical (USMT101+ USMT102)
Sem-II Paper-I :calculus-II
Paper-II :Algebra –II
Practical (USMT201+ USMT202)
S.Y.B.Sc Sem III Calculus III
Algebra III
Discrete Mathematics
Practical(USMT301+ USMT302)
Sem IV Calculus IV
Algebra IV
Ordinary Differential Equations
Practical (USMT401+ USMT402)
Practical (USMT403)