Sr_No Investigator Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Type Sanctioned for Amount of ( Lakhs) Years for which Project Sanctioned
1 Ajaykumar Lokhande Deistic Influence on the socio-religious reformers in western India In the nineteenth century MRP UGC Minor 1.15 2014-16
2 Yuvraj Morgha An assessment of tribal development policy of government of Maharashtra with special reference to Thane district(2001-2010) UGC Minor 1.2 2014-16
3 Dr. Mansi Phanse Exploratory studies on Nyctanthes arbour-tristis calyx extract containing carotenoid UGC Minor 4.15 2014-16
4 G. B. Sangle Synthesis of Zinc coated carbon nanoparticles synthesized from natural precursor. University of Mumbai Minor 0.415 2015-17
5 Dr. N. S. Suryavanshi Integrated management of pre and post-harvest diseases of strawberry in Maharashtra. . UGC Minor 1.75 2016-18
6 Dr. A. V. Sahasrabudhe Analysis of GM seeds with reference to Rapid DNA isolation and Nutritional Contents . University of Mumbai Minor 0.3 2016-18
7 Dr. K. R. Jagdeo Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes from Eucalyptus oil . University of Mumbai Minor 0.25 2016-18
8 Dr. B. T. Mukherjee Development of carbon material for hydrogen adsorption and desorption. . MNRE Minor 30.31 2016-19
9 K. P Phalak Synthesis of nanostructured ZnO thin films by sol-gel spin coating method. University of Mumbai Minor 0.25 2016-18
10 Dr. Janardan Hotkar A Comparative study: Analysis of financial structure of selected mutual funds. UGC Minor 0.5 2016-18
11 Dr. N. S. Suryavanshi Studies on Biological Preventive Measures on Onion Diseases University of Mumbai Minor 0.4 2017-19
12 Dr. Varsha Narvade Impact of anthropogenic activities on Sapad lake of Kalyan city, Thane, Maharashtra. University of Mumbai Minor 0.25 2017-19
13 Arun Singh Nationalistic Journalism and Indian National moment: with special reference to Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. Asiatic Society of Mumbai Minor 0.4 2017-19
14 B. T. Shirsath A study of buying behaviour and perception of consumers about pure play E-tailers with special reference to Dombivli city, Maharashtra.
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UGC Minor 0.7 2017-19