>> Degree College Arts

Aided Programmes: Bachelor of Arts: First Year B.A.

Compulsory Subjects (Marathi & English Medium):
Foundation Course
Communication Skills in English
Ancillary Subjects: A student shall offer any one of the following combinations:

Marathi Medium

English Medium

1. Economics / History / Psychology

1. Economics / Geography / Psychology

2. Economics / Geography/ Psychology

2. Economics / History / Psychology

3. Economics / Geography / History

3. Economics / Geography / History

4. Economics / Geography / Marathi Literature

4. Economics / English Literature / Geography

5. Geography / History / Marathi Literature

5. English Literature / Geography / History

6. Geography / Marathi Literature / Psychology

6. English Literature / Geography / Psychology

7. History / Marathi Literature / Psychology

7. English Literature / History / Psychology

Second Year B.A.

Compulsory Subjects:
Foundation Course
General Applied Component (Health Psychology)
Ancillary Subjects: Three Ancillary Subjects Studied at First Year B.A. - Two Papers per Subject

Third Year B.A.

Specialisation is any one of the subjects offered at Second Year B.A. level.
Note: T.Y.B.A. (Geography only Marathi Medium)
* Ancillary subjects offered at First Year B.A. level cannot be changed at Second Year B.A. level as per the University rule. Medium of instruction for a particular subject will depend upon number of students enrolled for each subject. Principal reserves the right to allow or not to allow one or more groups mentioned above.

Unaided Programmes: Bachelor of Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC)

Duration: Three Years – Six Semesters
Eligibility: A candidate for being eligible for admission to the degree of BAMMC shall have passed XII standard examination of Maharashtra Board of higher Secondary Education or its equivalent from Science, Arts or Commerce stream.
In-take Capacity: 60 students
Career Opportunities: Graduates can pursue careers in the field of Advertising (as Social Media Marketer, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, Client Servicing, Copy Writer), Public Relations and Journalism. There are a few other professions that Graduates can also apply for such as Photography, Event Management, Film Making, etc.





Foundation Course I

Foundation Course II

Effective Communication – I

Effective Communication – II

Visual Communication

Content Writing

Fundamentals of Mass Communication – I

Introduction to Advertising

Current Affairs

Introduction to Journalism

History of Media

Media, Gender & Culture






Theatre & Mass Communication – I

Theatre & Mass Communication – II

Corporate Communication & Public Relations

Writing & Editing for Media

Media Studies

Media Laws & Ethics

Introduction to Photography

Mass Media Research

Film Communication – I

Film Communication – II

Computers & Multimedia – I

Computers & Multimedia – II







Digital Media

Investigative Journalism

Newspaper & Magazine Design (Project)

Features & Writing for Social Justice

Lifestyle Journalism

Writing and Editing Skills

Sports Journalism

Business & Financial Journalism

Crime Reporting

News Media Management

Television Journalism